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Trzy Jaskółki na Siarce. Obiekt z atrakcyjną ofertą

Kiczory 129, 34-483 Lipnica Wielka

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The agro-tourist farm called “Trzy jaskółki na Siarce” (“Three Swallows on Siarka”), belonging to Janusz and Stanislava Warzeszaks, is located just below the Babia Góra Mountains on Orava, in the village Kiczory (from the territory of whole Poland, the direction is towards the border crossing in Chyżne). The house is located far from the road traffic, upon a small and safe brook, surrounded by the forest. This makes that the place is unique, lovely and simply fabulous, where there govern silence and peace, climate of a genuine, Polish, mountain, neat village.

We offer our guests 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-bed rooms with bath-rooms, access to an individual kitchen and dining-room (with TV). The farm is of an ecological type, and its products, particularly dairy products (cottage cheese – revelation; milk, eggs), are used in guest feeding.The hosts are a young couple; they have been receiving guests for several years. The host is a teacher, his wife is a skilled cook (she specialises in a simple but still a very tasteful village cooking; she also takes care of impeccable tidiness at home). Guests say our style is able to create a magnificent climate of a truly family atmosphere, kindliness and hospitality – that is why they readily return to us, even several times, also together with their friends.The offer is addressed to all those who likes silence and peace, especially to families with children. It is also addressed to one-class spring and winter field schools. Owing to the location of the house upon the brook and close to the forest, and to an unrestricted area around the house, and owing to the possibility to come into contact with the household animals, this place is an interesting area for games and rest for children.The farm was assigned with a category in 2003 by the Polish Federation of Rural Tourism, it has been recommended by this organisation and is a member of the Association of Galician Hospitable Farms.Within the farm, there are offered: -         children’s playground;-         observation bower; -         yard for team games, ping-pong, toboggan, cross-country skis; -         angling (trout);-         natural pool; -         yard for bonfire with fuel provided; -         at request, also authentic sulphur baths;-         contact with the farm animals (cows, calf, rabbits, hens, a friendly dog), and an opportunity to carry out work on the farm, e.g., manual cow milking).Stay at the farm provides for many opportunities for an active rest:-         walks across the mountain surroundings; -         in the winter, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing – within 20 km, or 12.43 miles;-         in the winter, the opportunity to organise a sleigh ride;-         longer hikes to the Babia Góra Mountain, to Zubrzyca Górna (the Orava ethnographic park, Skansen); -         coach trips to the whole Podhale Region (Zakopane – 43 km, or 26.72 miles), Krakow (100 km, or 62.14 miles), Wadowice (80 km, or 49.71 miles); -         trips abroad, to Slovakia (the border crossing at Lipnica Wielka) where, not far from there, the Orava Castle, Orava Lake, Zuberec, Oravice (aquapark with bath in thermal springs) as well as other attractive localities can be found.Why is it worthwhile to come to us? Because we offer:

  • silence, peace, forest, a safe brook close to the house, snug place;
  • a nice and family atmosphere (the hosts are kind and helpful);
  • very good conditions for stay and nutrition;
  • in feeding and sanitary servicing our guests, we use mountain spring water called ‘hungry’ as it increases appetite;
  • many attractions: ping-pong, yard for volleyball, the opportunity to angle, a natural bath, the possibility to take sulphur baths, contact with the farm animals;
  • we have been running an agricultural ecological farm, the products from which are used by us in guests feeding; we have been granted the certificate for milk and its products;
  • a place for bonfire with fuel provided;
  • we organise occasional events, e.g., sleigh rides with bonfire;
  • an excellent place for hikes and coach trips across the whole Orava Region, Podhale Region and Slovakia;
  • in the winter, ideal conditions for cross-country skiing, downhill skiing within 20 km;
  • since all depart satisfied, they come back and recommend us to their friends.

Attractions in the neighbourhood (within the 50-km radius):

  • the Orava Ethnographical Park Museum;
  • Chocholov – the mountain village Skansen, Zakopane- 45km;
  • from Orava, two tourist routes to the Babia Góra Mountain (Babia Góra National Park);
  • a monument from the 16th century, a beautiful wooden church built without nails, Oravka;
  • ski lifts: in Spytkowice, Oravka, Zawoja at Mosorny Gron (1420 m, or 1,552.93 yards; on the map, the chairlift is marked in red), in Oravice in Slovakia;
  • horse riding in Zubrzyca Gorna;
  • indoor swimming pools: Spytkowice, Zakopane, Nowy Targ;
  • Rabkoland – a funfair in the Rabka resort;
  • the Tatra National Park – Zakopane;
  • the Pieniny National Park – drafting or canoeing across the Dunajec River;
  • at the Slovakian side: Orava Lake (ship crossing, water sports), the thermal swimming pools – Oravice (the aqua park and a 1500-m ski chairlift), Oravský Podzámok(50 km), the Demanov Caves (100 km).

 Agroturism farm situated near the Babia Góra mountains, in the nature park, away from any buildings. Small brook nearby. New, large, cosy house.  Trzy Jaskółki na Siarce, outside the resort, in a quiet, sunny position, on a side street, in the green, in the woods.We  offer: 2,3,4,5 - person rooms with shower/WC, large dining room with TV, open kitchen. Nice view of the mountains, the valley and the countryside.Table tennis, garden furniture, childrens playground, contact with farms animal, milk, cottage cheese, eggs - everything from ecological farm. Reserved parking in the grounds.In house: ski starage, central heating. Parking by the house.Grocers 1.5 km, supermarket 15 km, bus stop 1,5 km, railway station 40 km. Indoor swimming pool 20 km, bathing bay 15 km, tenis 7 km, mountain railway 40 km, ski lift 20 km, ski runs 40 km, cross-country ski trail 20 m.Barbecue area in the corner of the grounds, volleyball. Half-board available on request. Many walks. Trips into the mountains, to Zakopane(43 km), Slovakia or Krakow (100  km). Ideal position for families with children. 


                 Description of Lipnica Wielka and Kiczory The Commune of Lipnica Wielka is situated in the southern part of the Malopolskie Voivodeship, in the Beskidy part of Orawa, at the food of the Babia Góra massif, on its southern side. On the west and south it borders on Slovakia, and on the east, on the villages in the Commune of Jablonka. It stretches along a stream for 16 km. It is rich in mild hills, vast forest glades, swift streams and tall forests. What is particularly important, are local people, kind and hospitable, who still cultivate old customs and folklore, and who boast their rich history, still very much alive among them.All this is to be found in this area, with the largest village, Lipnica Wielka, which was founded on the Vallachian law in 1606, and the youngest village in the area, Kiczory.Those who prefer clear air and want to admire impressive views of  Orawa, Podhale and Tatras, as well as quiet and solitary walks, should go to the upper parts of the village. The area known as Przywarówka is called the Sunny Island, as its position at the food of Babia Góra provides a lot of sunshine and makes it very attractive to tourists. It is a hamlet with very rich shepherd traditions. The mysterious charm of this place attracted tourists for a long time, and the first  holidaymarkers appeared in summer already in the late nineteenth century.  In Przywarówka is a rehabilitation centre for children from Silesia suffering of leukemia, Mountain Haven. It is run by the foundation children in Crisis, supervised by its founder, Sarah Ferguson, Princess of York.Kiczory, together with the area known as Polana (Glade) is a charming place at the foot of the huge massif of Babia Góra, among forests and gentle hills. In this youngest village in Orawa is quiet and intends to develop as a tourist centre.Przywarówka and Kiczory are the more attractive for their proximity to Babia Góra, the highest mountain in the area which features in a perfect way various strata of  climate and vegetation, formed in a natural way. In 1954 the Babia Góra National Park was created, and in 1977  its upper areas were included onto the world network of  biosphere reservations.The picturesque valley of the stream is charming and highly recommended, as it provides a vast panorama of the artificial lake in Slovakia and of the Tatras. Here time seems to have stopped, and we can admire ancient shepherd cabins, large open fire and savour traditional sheep cheese.The varied physiographic profile of the area allows for a variety of tourist venues. There are a number of hiking and skiing routes, as well as for mountain bikes.  The areas near the Orawa Lake are ideal for fishing. The local woods abound in mushrooms and wild berries, as well as springs of mineral water. The agrotourist farm “Trzy Jaskółki na Siarce” offers sulphuric-bath.The local people see their future in the tourist model practiced in the Alps, founded among others on healthy food produced by Local farmers.Lipnica Wielka is often described as the cultural centre of Polish Orawa. Already before World War II the first regional group was founded which popularized the folklore of Orawa highlanders in Poland. Local culture developed in a variety of ways, from a brass band and amateur theatre, to sculpture, dance and song.Today the people of Lipnica want to continue this tradition. Many of  them consider it their duty to the culture they have inherited.Therefore there are folklore groups for children and teenagers. Adult folk groups present the traditional dances and songs which are both authentic and presented in an attractive form. Songs and dances also show local customs and traditions in all richness and authenticity.The area of Lipnica is an attractive cultural region, where tradition is still alive, where visitors can enjoy rest in alluring countryside in the ecologically clean environment.

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~12 km -  Accommodations Podszkle(2)
~14 km -  Accommodations Vitanová(22)
~20 km -  Accommodations Zawoja(104)
~22 km -  Accommodations Witów(44)
~23 km -  Accommodations Korbielów(66)
~24 km -  Accommodations Skawa(5)
~24 km -  Accommodations Zuberec(114)
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~27 km -  Accommodations Kościelisko(235)


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